Fantastic Cooking Session at Weber Grill Academy, Ghitorni


If you love food, you not only just love eating the food but you also love cooking the food. For this passion for food, The Weber Grill Academy, hosted a fantastic cook out session for the selected bloggers of Delhi on the occasion of opening their first Academy in India at Ghitorni, Delhi.

Weber Grill Academy at Ghitorni Delhi
Weber Grill Academy

Initiating with a talk about Weber grills straight from their Managing Director, the event started with great enthusiasm. Chef Melvin was there to guide us for the cook out session.

Weber Grills at the academy

Man Behind Weber Grills

The Cooking Session started with great zealth amongst the bloggers who were present there. While one marinated the Chicken, the other marinated the paneer dices which were to be grilled using the Weber Grills.

One of the blogger who loved baking started preparing the batter for the banana bread with the guidance of the Chef and the recipe provided to him.

Picture with Chef Melvin at Weber Grill Academy
Picture with Chef Melvin at Weber Grill Academy

While the chef was helping everyone there, he instructed me to prepare a Pizza base. The dough for the base and the sauce to be spread on the pizza base was already prepared to save the time.  Also, the veggies were grilled beforehand to save the time. So, with Chef Melvin’s help we prepared a Veg Pizza using the buffalo mozeralla and then we prepared the pizza using the Weber Pizza Grill.

Veggie Pizza at Weber Grill Academy
Veggie Pizza

Whilst, the pizza was getting ready, I tried my hands on grilling the paneer and chicken as well.

Chicken Grill

Chef Melvin also instructed us on how to light the charcoal to be used in the grilling method of cooking.

After all this hard work, finally it was the time for tasting!

Yes, We made an amazingly delicious and Cheesy Veg Pizza with the help of Weber Grill and their expert chef.

Cheesy Veg Pizza at Weber Grill Academy
Cheesy Veg Pizza

Also, the Paneer Tikka with grilled vegetables tasted quite good.

Paneer TIkka at Weber Grill Academy
Paneer Tikka

The Banana Bread was totally exquisite with chunks of banana and dry fruits in it which proved to be the perfect dessert for a perfect cook out session.

Things we all made at Weber Grill Academy
Everything that we made at Weber Grill Academy

A big thank you to the Weber Grill Academy for giving us this opportunity to be a part of such an amazing event and heartiest congratulations for welcoming Weber Grills to North India.