Our First ever Food Walk with Campus Xplore at Kamla Nagar


We recently partnered with Campus Xplore by Markitiers for our first ever food walk held on Sept 30th in Kamla Nagar. This event went whole day with campus walks in the morning along with photo walks and finally in the afternoon we had a food walk.


We started our food walk From Bistro 57 around 1:30PM where the whole group tried out their fantastic shakes like Kiwi Shake, Hazelnut and Ferrero Rocher shakes.

Bistro 57, Kamla Nagar

The speciallity of this dessert parlour is the price point on which they sell these amazing shakes. These shakes are priced very well and quite affordable too. Thats why whenever you visit this place, you will definitely find a lot of crowd already standing there drinking their favourites.

Next in we went to 34, Chowringhee Lane which is a Take-away joint that offers scrumptious rolls, be it Paneer Tikka Roll or Chicken Roll. (Craving for it while writing this :P)

34 Chowringhee Lane, Kamla Nagar

We let our group try some of the best rolls they have such as Paneer Tikka Roll, Double Egg Roll and Chicken Tikka Roll. And Obviously, Everyone loved it.

34 Chowringhee Lane, Kamla Nagar


Next in we went to Chache di hatti which is yet another amazing food joint that offers some amazing Cholle Bhature in the town. This is a very old food joint been running from many decades. Unfortunately the time we reached there, they already closed the shop. But we met their owner and asked about their work and from how long they have been working, about the price and alot more things. But we promised ourselves to visit here on our next food walk for sure.
Here’s a memory of the same, with the owner of Chache di hatti in between.

Chache di hatti, Kamla Nagar

After that we headed towards Vaishno Chat Bhandaar which is also a yet another famous shop that offers amazing golgappes and pav bhajis and is quite old too.

Vaishno Chat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar

We got to try their Golgappas, Dahi Bhalle Papri and Pav bhaji and believe me, everyone loved it.

Vaishno Chat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar
Golgappa Eating Contest at Vaishno Chat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar

We also played a Golgappa Contest that was played by a few people where-in the highest no. of golgappa eater would win the contest. And then everyone started playing and eating golgappas like hell. It was a great fun.

Dahi Bhalla Papdi at Vaishno Chat Bhandar, Kamla Nagar



We also wanted to visit a few more places including Sharma Kachori that’s in Shakti Nagar but we couldn’t due to the time constraints.

Anyway coming on the overall food walk part, we absolutely loved the whole walk around the kamla nagar, trying out those amazing food with an amazing group of foodies from various DU Colleges.

We look forward to organise more such food walks in future. Thanks fo being a part of it. Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter and Instagram and stay updated with all our posts.