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Independence Day Celebrations at Office Office


Ringing in the fervour of patriotism with a party is nothing new in the heart of Janpath. The place is full of sprawling outlets that boast of avant-garde interiors and hi candy events all year round, but here’s one story you can not miss. Office Office, the newly opened co-working space by the day, and gastronomical pub by the night has added a much needed visionary tinge to the booming culinary industry. Office Office Bar

Being one of the only properties in the city managed by a woman entrepreneur, Miss Gayatri Masand, the co-owner of the place manages everything – from Marketing to Interiors to Publicity for her outlet with help from her fiancé, Mr. Bhanu Nehra, setting a benchmark & a whole new dimension to the otherwise male dominated Food & Beverage industry. In a few weeks, the place has managed to grab eyeballs and is now taking its social vision forward.

Office Office Scooter

Keeping in mind the spirit of Independence, Miss Gayatri speaks, “Every year we hear of Independence Day wishes, and forget about the true meaning behind the National Festival. According to me, independence comes with a lot of responsibility – the responsibility to act mindfully and to serve the nation, which is exactly what we tried to execute, in microcosm.”

NGO Kids Office Office
Coming to the event, the luncheon meet started off with a bunch of happy kids entering Office Office, from the Turn Your Concern Into Action (T.Y.C.I.A.) Foundation, Dwarka and smiling from ear to ear interacting with the hospitable owners and shaking a leg to the beats to the DJ. The event was managed and ideated by Born Of a Million Thoughts, a firm that ties up the culinary industry with Non Profit Organisations that work for the larger good of the society and ensures that help and aid reach where they’re most wanted.

Kids at Office Office

Among the activities lined up for the kids for the day included singing, dancing and a lot of goodies! The kids were treated to a sumptuous lunch from the “Canteen” section of the menu, keeping in mind the nutritional needs of kids belonging to the 6-10 age group.

The event was also graced by top notch bloggers & social media influencers.

Hard Rock Cafe India comes up with an International ‘Smoke, Fire and Spice’ Menu


Hard Rock Cafe India‘s serving up a new menu that embraces the hottest global ethnic street flavors. Beginning yesterday the new menu, Smoke Fire Spice, draws inspiration from the spices, seasonings and sauces of popular street foods found around the world including Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Jay Singh, Co-Founder and Executive Director, JSM Corporation said, “The trend of fusing ethnic flavors creatively is widely gaining prominence today. The consumers in India have become extremely receptive to international flavors and have developed a great fondness towards it. Hard Rock Cafe’s Smoke, Fire & Spice menu thus aims to appease their evolving palates and showcase an array of the most popular global flavors to them. Also, as a country that devours grills, we are certain to take visitors on a culinary sojourn with the new festival.”

As part of the Smoke, Fire & Spice menu, Hard Rock has developed a variety of specialty rubs, seasonings and sauces that guests will be able to pair with their choice of chicken, shrimp or cottage cheese. Each protein will be served on a sizzling skillet accompanied by naan bread,a marinated salad mix, roasted vegetables, mixed cheeses and complimentary dipping sauces.

Served steaming-hot and fajita style, the Smoke, Fire & Spice flavor options include these six tantalizing sauces:

Charmoula(North Africa)–a mix of parsley, cilantro, fresh garlic, paprika, black pepper, red pepper flakes, cumin and lemon juice, this marinade offers a rich herby and spicy flavor inspired by North African

Harissa(Morocco)–  a mix of dried chilies, coriander, ground caraway seeds and garlic that adds a bit of kick, inspired by flavors of Morocco

Chimichurri(Latin America)– a tangy mix of parsley, cilantro, basil, garlic and black pepper, inspired by flavors of Latin America

Satay(Thailand) – a fresh peanut and soy sauce mix, inspired by the flavors of Malaysia and Thailand

PiriPiri(South Africa) –a scorching mix of chili peppers inspired by flavors of South Africa

Chipotle– an all-out flavor kick of chipotle peppers, onions, and garlic for a bold taste

Additionally, Hard Rock Cafe India will offer a limited-edition assorted veg and non-veg platters. Accompanying these delectable dishes are specially curated sizzling cocktails listed below:

TRIPLE THREAT (shared between two people): A magnificent blend of three rums, grenadine, grog mix mellowed with orange juice

SCORPION (shared between two people): A powerful sting of rums, fruit juices and brandy with awhisper of almonds

RIKKI TIKKI TAVI (shared between two people): Light & aromatic rums, orange liqueur, grenadine, pineapple juice & a splash of fresh lime

TRIP TO HELL: A potent blend of light & dark rums, brandy & almond mixed with orange juice

SANGRIA ROSA: A generous pour of Rose wine, bacardi rum, orange liqueur, sangria mix topped with strawberry, blue berry & lime

PARADISE PUNCH: A blend of gold & dark rum, pomegranate syrup, hard rock lemonade & splashed with bitters

SHOCKING SHANDY: Bacardi rum, orange liqueur, hard rock lemonade, topped with beer

TIKI TAKA GROG: A delightful blend of light, gold & dark rum, grog mix and lime

Guests can stop by any Hard Rock Cafe outlet in Mumbai – Andheri and Worli, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune and try out the latest Smoke, Fire & Spice menu items.


Review: The Addams House, Sector 29 Gurgaon


Charles Addams would be surprised to see the live version of his Addams house from the famous cartoon The Addams Family with those darkly humorous and macabre characters.
Yes, The Addams House situated in Sector 29, Gurgaon founded by Karan Parvesh Singh, Bhanu Pratap Chahal and Sandeep Nehra, is becoming the hub of cafes and breweries. This is another addition to one such hangout place and it is uniquely visible by one dark coloured building which gives you the haunted feeling of Addams family. Even the interiors are done with the same theme.


So, Going along the theme they serve some amazing drinks including cocktails and mocktails.
The recommended cocktail here would be the ‘Bhoot Cocktail’ which is served in a tumbler shaped like a ghost mask. This cocktail is made up of Bacardi Black, Spiced Rum, Passion Fruit, Orange Juice, Mango puree along with Lime juice and Paan leaf. All these flavours form such an awesome cocktail that thrills your mind.

Bhoot Cocktail at The Addams House Gurgaon
Bhoot Cocktail

TF Rating: 4/5

Another thirst quenching mocktail is Raspberry Orange Cooler which is made up of, as the name suggests Raspberry crush, Orange juice with Lime and Fresh Basil.

Raspberry Orange Cooler
Raspberry Orange Cooler

Apart from the drinks, We tried their special GolGappas that is, The Modern Classical Way Golgappas which are traditional golgappas served in the moleculer way stuffed with mashed masala potatoes. The way they serve it, is really unique and wonderful. Also, they taste so different and amazing.

The Modern Classical Way Golgappas
The Modern Classical Way Golgappas

TF Rating: 3.5/5

Next in, Their Out of the box menu had this exquisite starter named Meri wali Chicken Maggi.
Attention! Maggi lovers, this is maggi in the form of croquettes stuffed with shredded chicken served with The Addams house special Bloody Dip.

Meri wali Chicken Maggi at The Addams House Gurgaon
TF Rating: 4/5

But anyhow, My heart was stolen by their amazing shakes. The Hazelnut Cheese cake shake was so luscious and consisted of Cheese cake, Hazelnut, Chocolate Ice cream, Milk and Whipped cream.
Adding another to your bucket list is their Red Velvette Shake which is obviously Red velevet cake swirled with milk, Ice cream and Whipped cream.

Hazelnut Cheese cake and Red Velvette Cake Shakes
Hazelnut Cheese cake and Red Velvette Cake Shakes

TF Rating for Both Shakes: 5/5

Sushi is not always about non-vegetarians, at The Addams House they serve delicious Sushi rolls named California Veg with the stuffing of fresh and crunchy cucumber, carrot and asparagus with cream cheese.

Sushi rolls at The Addams House
Sushi rolls

TF Rating: 4/5

For paneer lovers, they have this delectable dish named Paneer Roulade which have long paneer sticks stuffed with bell peppers and cheese served with Bloody Red Stew which has a tangy flavour.

Paneer Roulade
Paneer Roulade

TF Rating: 4/5

They also have some amazing delights like Mac n cheese and Mini Burgers which are good for some starters.
The most appetizing one is their Grandma’s Hottie Pizza from the wood oven which has toppings of spicy Paneer Tikka, Onions, Bell Peppers, Green chilli and fresh mozzarella.

Grandma’s Hottie Pizza
Grandma’s Hottie Pizza

TF Rating: 3.5/5

So, if you want to get thrilled with all the Addams family themed café and with some great food and drinks, do pay a visit to this place.

Review: Take Off Scarlet (TOS) Punjabi Bagh


Weekends in Delhi are incomplete without hanging out with friends for a sheesha and few drinks or a party or a date with your special one!
And every Friday you have this same question, Where to Hangout, Where to find a good Sheesha or Good Food, cheapest pint rates?
To answer all these questions, Delhi has been blessed with an outstanding lounge Take Off Scarlet!
Newly Opened Take Off Scarlet is an amazing lounge on Club Road, Punjabi Bagh giving a great competition to other cafes and lounge situated at the same place. Take Off Scarlet (TOS) along with it’s amazing ambience on one floor, also has a rooftop seating which is so beautifully lit and holds a perfect setting to take your special someone on a date.
The DJ at TOS is so peppy and full of get-up-and-go that you just cannot refrain yourself from dancing.
TOS Punjabi Bagh
With great hospitality, they serve some exquisite food and enticing drinks (mocktails and cocktails).
They serve some fresh and nicely dressed salads including the Caeser Salad and Italian Julienne salad. The Vegetables used were fresh and had perfect crunchiness.

Caeser Salad at Take Off Scarlet
Caeser Salad
Italian Julienne salad
Italian Julienne salad

The most unique dish is their Bombay Vada Pav which is the advanced version of the typical Khao Gali Vada Pav of Mumbai. With perfectly cooked and soft Vada made of Aloo and the tangy sauce, this Vada Pav tastes amazing.

Bombay Vada Pav
Bombay Vada Pav

TF rating: 4.5/5

The Vegetarian Starters include the Cheese Cigar Rolls which are more like spring rolls with the only difference of stuffing. They are stuffed with loads of cheese and served with spicy mayo dip.

Cheese Cigar Rolls
Cheese Cigar Rolls

TF Rating: 4/5

The Sheesha in TOS is soo good and refreshing. They have many new combos of flavours which are really nice.
Sheesha at Take of Scarlet
Giving a new twist to the Blue lagoon mocktail, TOS has introduced a new mocktail named Electric Lemonade which is a perfect amalgamation of blue lagoon, lemonade with a hint of mint as well.

Electric Lemonade
Electric Lemonade

TF Rating: 4.5/5

Another colourful yet refreshing mocktail is Pink Panther which is a cooler drink containing Watermelon, Pomegranate and mint with crushed Ice.

Pink Panther
Pink Panther

TF Rating: 4/5

They also serve this amazing thirst quenching drink, Virgin Mojito and have many other mocktails as well.
The Highly Recommended Dessert would be the Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream and hot chocolate syrup. The brownie had this softness which just melts in your mouth and tastes delicious with the ice cream and ofcourse who doesn’t love the Vanilla and chocolate combo.

Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream and hot chocolate syrup
Brownie with Vanilla Ice cream and hot chocolate syrup

Final Verdict:
Take Off Scarlet
is a place worth going and having a gala time with not only Great Food & Drinks but also some great music as well.
The Overall TF Rating for Take Off Scarlet would be: 4.0/5

Review: India on My Plate at Fortune Select Excalibur, Gurgaon


India on My Plate, A Newly opened restaurant at Fortune Select Excalibur Hotel, Gurgaon is full of delicacies from every corner of India.

Indian Food is the most cherished and loved cuisine around the world and there are only a few restaurants in India that offers those authentic flavours. India on my Plate is one of them. In this post we will be writing about our experience at this place.

As soon as you enter the premises, you know how you gonna be treated here. They welcomed us with an amazing drink called Neer Mor which is a South-Indian Spiced Buttermilk which was the best buttermilk I ever had.

Neer Mor
Neer Mor

Along with that they offered us Ulte Tawe ka Khakra along with four different types of condiments, which was full of crispyness and we loved it too.

Ulte Tawe Ka Khakra
Ulte Tawe Ka Khakra

Next in, We ordered Few Vegetarian Kebabs; Rajma Galouti, Tilwali Subz Seekh, Nilgiri Cheese Dosai and Bhutta Mutter Shammi.

Everyone of these kebabs were from different states and were full of authentic flavours from their respective cities.

Talking a bit brief about these kebabs. Rajma Galouti Kebab from the city of nawab’s, lucknow was a kidney bean kebab which was flavoured with wholesome spices.
Tilwali Subz Seekh Kebab from the city of ayodhya that were made up of various veggies and were wrapped in flavourful sesame seeds.

Nilgiri Cheese Dosai from the city of Kerela which was an amazing cheese dosa roll.

Bhutta Mutter Shammi Kebab from the city of Hyderabad which was a famous combination of corn & peas straight from the tawa.

Rajma Galouti, Tilwali Subz Seekh, Nilgiri Cheese Dosai and Bhutta Mutter Shammi
Rajma Galouti, Tilwali Subz Seekh, Nilgiri Cheese Dosai and Bhutta Mutter Shammi

Overall TF Rating for Veg Kebabs: 4/5

In Main Course, We tried Chholey Darbaari Biryani which is an age old recipe from Dilli ki Galliyan that consists of Spicy rice with veggies and mixture of chic peas.

Chholey Darbaari Biryani
Chholey Darbaari Biryani

In Desserts we tried out various stuff; Amritsari Badam Phirni, Paneer Jalebi, Gul-e-jamun, Rasmalai and Bengali Kacha Gola.

Talking brief about all of them;

Amritsari Badam Phirni is Punjab’s famous blend of ground rice, milk and rich almonds.

Paneer Jalebi from the land of nawabs i.e Lucknow, is a fresh chenna dipped in a flavourful sugar syrup.

GUL-E-JAMUN which is a famous awadhi zaikai is a Pan Flavoured Gulab Jamun
Rasmalai which is delhiite’s all time favourite fresh chenna tikki dipped in a sweetened milk.

Bengali Kacha Gola from Kolkata is a renowned dessert called Sandesh which is quite popular in the Kolkata City of India.

Amritsari Badam Phirni, Paneer Jalebi, Gul-e-jamun, Rasmalai and Bengali Kacha Gola
Amritsari Badam Phirni, Paneer Jalebi, Gul-e-jamun, Rasmalai and Bengali Kacha Gola

TF Rating for Desserts: 5/5

Overall We loved everything at India on my plate and would give a 4 out of 5 Ratings and is a perfect buffet for everyone who wants to experience different food from throughout India at just INR 999 with taxes with no Service Charge.


Review: Amazing Monsoon menu at Unplugged Courtyard


Have you ever wondered what could be the best substitute for the cliched chai and pakora recipes of rainy season?!
Well, the solution is introduced by one of the most popular and exclusive places of CP, The Unplugged Courtyard.
They have recently launched their Special Monsoon Menu this season on 23rd July, 2016.

Unplugged Courtyard's Monsoon menu

With all the colourful umbrella’s, The Unplugged Courtyard is welcoming their customers to enjoy this monsoon season with great zeal and hospitality.
UC is already known to be one of the most happening and romantic cafes in the Heart of Delhi, Connaught Place. And with their monsoon menu, Delhi is gonna have some great monsoon time with their loved ones.

UC Umbrellas Everywhere

Holding the title of Best Cocktails in town, Unplugged Courtyard has yet again introduced some marvelous cocktails along with some refreshing mocktails as well.
The best one is the Silk Burst which is a perfect blend of Vodka with cranberry juice, frozen peach and apricot.

Silk Burst

The Malabar Mojito is served in this unique way which takes you to the malabar coast. Yes, they serve it in a coconut!
Amazingly presented this malabar mojito is a cocktail made with coconut water and rum with a hint of mint and lime.

Malabar Coast

The highlight of all drinks is the Fruity Mojito Well, which is a mocktail of seasonal fruits (trust me loads of fruits), with Lemon and Mint.
This Mocktail is not only refreshing to drink but also, the amalgamation of fruits gives it a perfect colour as well.

Fruity Mojito Well

So, the answer to the substitute to pakoras is the better version of it, that is, Corn and Asparagus Fritters which are deep fried corn & asparagus balls stuffed with cheese and are served along with UC special Third Degree Sauce.

Corn and Asparagus Fritters
These balls of heaven are soo mouth watering, you would not want to order anything else.

But, if you do order, go for the Palak Patta Chaat! You would have never imagined such kind of chaat living in Delhi, the city best known for street food.

Palak Patta Chaat
Palak Patta Chaat is the crispy palak patta’s served in the typical chaat style with Mint sauce, Saunth and Sweet Curd.
Another, Vegetarian starter is the Mexican Spring Rolls, which are traditional deep fried cigars stuffed with exotic vegetables served along the UC special Third Degree Sauce.

Mexican Spring Rolls

When the rain pours, Delhites have got this trend of having a Garam-a-garam Masala Chai, but contradicting this trend in a fabolous style, The Unplugged Courtyard has invented this dessert named Cutting Chai Freezer which is a smooth version of cold tea and churnswith vanilla.

Cutting Chai Freezer
For sweet tooth people, another surprising dessert served in their monsoon menu is Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Pie has a rich flavour of pumpkin and cinnamon wrapped with crispy sheet.
Pumpkin Pie

The overall TF Rating for this outstanding place: 4.5/5.
So, pay a visit to The Unplugged Courtyard this monsoon for some lip-smacking food and drinks included in their monsoon menu as well as their main menu.

BarShala: Raising the Bar with Heightened spirits!


‘In Wine There Is Wisdom, In Beer There Is Freedom, In Water There Is Bacteria’. One cannot agree more with Benjamin Franklin.

But what to do when you are broke like a joke? When it’s that time of the month and the salary cheque looks far flung? When you want to be a high troller without riding on the luxury roller? What about manhandling those man talks and being in a place which reeks of nostalgia and smells of home? All in all, the perfect place to finish up a boozy evening in style!

Here comes your panacea for all drinking ills- The BarShala!
BarShala is India’s fastest growing chain of “friendly neighbourhood drinking resto-bars” in India positioned on the basic premise-“peeney waalon ka paradise” (a paradise for people who enjoy a good drink).Founded by the team at Indospirit, headed by Mr. Sameer Mahandru, the aim is to create the bar-next-door for the entire country.

Our Mission – Piyo or Peene Do
Whether it is hanging out with your friends after office hours, or discussing the next game of cricket over a chilled beer, BarShala is the perfect joint for you. The menu is uniquely crafted with Hinglish names of dishes adding quirkiness and making things breezy!(literally).BarShala, as small and powerful as the name suggests, the sting in the tail is having to choose between numerous flavours of rum mixes, Indigenous beers or cocktails at unbeatable prices. There’s a ton of character in the décor too, with winks of Indian kitschy graphic and jazzy mosaics. Attracting regulars and interested new faces, the atmosphere is relaxed and intimate.

Ambience at BarShala East of Kailash
BarShala has been brought to life by a passionate team of individuals with extensive experience in the F&B industry. The young and energetic team at BarShala has promised to go the extra mile to ensure that one has a crazy time with friends and create some amazing memories. Having opened up their first two outlets in Janakpuri, Karkardooma and lining up the unveiling of East of Kailash, the bar is getting higher every day. The only dream is to see Delhities in BarShala- blurring the line between weekdays and weekends-Rammed and raucous.

Pay first eat later at BarShala East of Kailash
The staffs are cool and relaxed, reflecting the vibe and the spirit of the local clientele. For tipplers, the happy hours are here to stay. –
BarShala is managed by the INDOSPIRIT Group.


The INDOSPIRIT Group of companies is a leading bottler, importer, distributor and retailer of alcoholic beverages in North India. The group was founded in 2007, and now has a turnover of 300 Crores.

Australia’s global brand ‘Boost Juice’ plans to double “Joost Juice Bars” network in India


Boost Juice”, a smoothie revolution from Australia with  a global presence, now plans to double its existing network in the country by extending its unique concept of fresh & healthy smoothies & juices- ‘JOOST JUICE BARS’ to more people. It intends to open 17 new Joost Juice Bars across the country by the year 2017 and by 2020 to have over 100 locations. As health-conscious Indians are constantly seeking new-age and nutritious options, Joost is exploring the franchisee route to increase penetration of its smoothies, cold-press products such as juices, crushes and healthy F&B alternatives.

With a fast and unique customer experince Joost invests in the latest equipment and store design to ensure the in-store expereince is premimum at all times. This includes the last fast juicers, water purified ice and ingredients selected with great detail, Joost juice bars offers a hygienic & healthy alternative to the regular aeriated or sugar laden packaged beverages available in the market.

Rivoli Sinha, Founder, Joost Juice Bars, India says “We are happy to introduce to you Australia’s popular Boost Juice Bars here in India, which is known here as Joost Juice Bars. We specialize in making juices, smoothies, crushes and healthy F&B alternatives. We launched this brand in India to fill the gap in the unorganized market for fresh & healthy drinks. As we are passionate about providing a healthy lifestyle to our customers, we shall deliver fresh juices and smoothies to the Indian customers to make a difference in their everyday lifestyle and also deliver our signature “Love Life” philosophy.”


Rivoadded, “The Indian juice industry size was around US $3.5 billion in 2012 and is estimated to grow to US $ 21.14 billion by 2018. Seeing the low per capita consumption and the growth in the industry we are confident of delivering our best and expanding rapidly. Today there are more than 450 Boost Juice Bars in over 14 countries throughout the world. At present, we have 14 Joost Juice Bars in Delhi NCR and Mumbai; another 17 in pipeline over the next 12 months.”

Being the Master Franchisee for the Boost Juice in India, Rivoli Sinha, founder, Joost Juice bars has worked on everything with a global attitude in terms of best-in-class practices. Sourcing the best raw materials and fruits from the best of markets, the brand has carefully segregated the areas where to source it, be it from India or the global markets.
Janine Allis, Founder, Boost Juice Bars Australia, says, “We are excited that Joost Juice Bars in Delhi-NCR & Mumbai are fast turning into a place where people know they’ll find the highest quality of natural Juices, & superior-tasting smoothies. Creating delicious, preservative-free Juice is our passion and we take great care in distributing our products to our customers. Our loyal customer base love Joost’s “Love Life” energy and find it amazing something so healthy tastes so good. ”

In addition, Joost has chosen IQF technology to maintain the freshness and quality of a fruit that is either not available in India, or has a seasonal issue without making it a frozen food. In the early days, Rivoli herself used to visit local mandis like Azadpur to get the best quality fruits. But now, with a considerable experience and expertise in picking the best quality fruits, the brand has segregated the fruit varieties as per the month they are available in. They source blueberries and raspberries from New Zealand; Sweet Charlie, a more appropriate Strawberry, from Mahableshwar-Panchgani belt; Mangoes from Ratnagiri and Apples from Kashmir.

With customisation of more than 60% of its menu, the group has introduced drinks like fig-a-licious and even changed the core product of ‘Boost’ Mango magic to MEGA Mango Magic making it more suitable for Indian pallet.

While the juice industry in India has still been dominated by the unorganised players, it is an exciting space for a global brand like Joost/Boost to bringthier unique in-store expereince and great tasting drinks. The inteerst for investment is huge with over 900 enquires waiting for Joost to begin franchsing, whcich they plan to do this year. With increasing number of people adopting a healthy lifestyle, the Indian juice market is an exciting space for both new as well as existing players in the market.

What’s not to love about Sushi, even if your name ain’t Japanese?

Introducing Chef Shohei Nakajima
What happens when your name’s Mitsu and you get invited to meet a Japanese chef who’s going to teach you to make Sushi?
You squeal with delight ofcourse!
And there I was, beaming in front of the large kitchen at Fifty Five East – the Grand Hyatt’s multi-cuisine buffet restaurant in Mumbai.

Neatly plated sushi for bloggers to sample
Neatly plated sushi for bloggers to sample

 Japanese chef Shohei Nakajima – a delightful man with an infectious smile, was to take us through the various ingredients used, the tools and the method to make sushi that later was to melt in my mouth!The Japanese love their sushi, and this girl with a Japanese name loves it more! 

The 4 main types of Sushi are,

  • Sashimi
  • Nigiri
  • Temaki
  • Maki Roll

Cooking the Japanese rice with vinegar and getting it to the right texture and stickiness takes a while. Sushi is best relished when made with fish, crab, octopus or squid that must all be consumed raw. However, for the vegetarians you can include the most colourful veggies out there including shitake mushrooms! Also, if you’re not quite sure of devouring this raw, you may always request the chef to torch the fish from the outside.

The fish (usually salmon) is sliced with a sushi knife that’s slanted to a great degree, and cut in one go. This is to ensure that you get a glistening sliver of the salmon that will melt in your mouth! Sushi knives are sharpened on just one side, are quite heavy and cost upwards of INR30,000.
Thinly sliced salmon atop lightly pressed vinegared rice
Thinly sliced salmon atop lightly pressed vinegared rice

Sushi must be eaten with chopsticks, so it’s better to learn the basics of how to pick your food using them. Soy sauce will always accompany your sushi platter. Sashimi and temaki sushi must be eaten quickly, as it’s best had as soon as it has been made. So you may take a pinch of the wasabi and mix it in your soy sauce to give it a pungent taste. Keep in mind that wasabi (horse raddish) is extremely spicy, so do take a pinch at a time.
Sashimi - Raw sliced salmon
Sashimi – Raw sliced salmon

Sashimi is essentially eaten entirely raw. It is plain raw fish, and is had by dipping one end in soy sauce and then placing it straight in your mouth. The Japanese are very sensitive to behaviours whilst eating, so it’s best to not dip your sashimi in too much soy sauce and then shake it to let most of the sauce drip. The chef would have already prepared the slice to make it palatable and the tastiest, so adding too much sauce would imply that he’s done a really bad job, and Japanese chefs serve sushi only after undergoing years of training, so be sensitive.
Chef Nakajima holds up a perfect cone of Temaki sushi
Chef Nakajima holds up a perfect cone of Temaki sushi

Temaki Sushi - up close
Temaki Sushi – up close
At the kitchen table
At the kitchen table


When eating maki rolls, ensure that you don’t dip the rice into the soy sauce, or it’ll get all soggy and the joy of devouring a perfectly well-tasting roll will be lost. I prefer relishing sushi the way it is, and letting the subtle flavours of all the ingredients create a mouthful of flavours that are unexplainable, but are so satisfying.

Uramaki - A type of Maki roll but with the rice on the outside
Uramaki – A type of Maki roll but with the rice on the outside
Crab Maki rolls wrapped in seaweed with the rice on the inside
Crab Maki rolls wrapped in seaweed with the rice on the inside

Sushi is delicious and extremely filling, and I’m usually done after only about 10 pieces.

Getting to know about how it’s made in Japan, was an experience that I may not have got otherwise, so I’m thankful to Grand Hyatt Mumbai for inviting me!

I had a great time interacting with food bloggers and sampling the best sushi in town. Head over to Fifty Five East for a sushi buffet you’ll be raving about for long!

About the Author, Ms. Mitsu Fonseca:

A thirst for adventure & the yearning to be amidst lofty peaks describes her best, but the eagerness to try different cusines & learn about food cultures around the world is her best characteristic.
You can connect with her at:
Twitter: @mitsufonseca
Instagram: @mitsufonseca

Enjoy Peri-Peri Sizzlers at Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village


Last week, Barcelos invited us for their launch of one-month long sizzlers festival to try out some of their amazing food and beverages.

The Legend of Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village

It was held at Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village area where we met several other bloggers as well.

The afternoon started off with an amazing Peri-Peri Chicken Sizzler which was way good then we expected it to be.

Peri-Peri Chicken Sizzler

TF Rating: 4/5
Everything was well cooked and were able to feel the crispiness the chicken pieces had in them

With the sizzler, we ordered some exciting mocktails alongside.

Barcelos Peri peri Hauz Khas Village

Sharaabi Shikanjavi Mocktail:

This Mocktail was a blend of Mint leaves along with Roasted Cumin Powder and Black Salt which tasted so good.

Sharaabi Shikanjavi
TF Rating: 4.5/5

It made me order some more drinks and then we tried out Kaala Khatta Mocktail.

Kaala Khatta Mocktail:

Kaala Khatta was a complete blend of Pomegranate and Lime Juice which tasted heaven <3

Kaala Khatta mocktail
TF Rating: 4/5

Next we ordered Arabic Mezze Platter, which had Hummus, Baba ganoush, Peri Hummus, Yogurt Dip, Tabouli, falafel and lavash with 3 pitas.
Arabic Mezze Platter
Though It was not that great.
TF Rating: 3.5/5

Next in we ordered Grilled Veg Sizzler which was full of veggies and kinda okayish in taste. Obviously Barcelos is famous for it’s non-vegetarian food 😉

Grilled Veg Sizzler
TF Rating: 3.5/5

Along with Grilled Veg Sizzler we ordered two more mocktails named, Khatti Meethi Margarita & Portuguese in Love

Khatti Meethi Margarita:
We cherished this mocktail a lot, which was totally a blend of Fresh lime, Mint leaves, Green Chillies and Lime Juice.

Khatti Meethi Margarita Mocktail

TF Rating: 4/5

Portuguese in Love Mocktail:
Well, We were literraly in love with this mocktail, which was a complete blend of pomegranate love 😉

Portuguese in Love Mocktail
TF Rating 4.5/5
In the end, We enjoyed our lunch at Barcelos, Hauz Khas Village and would come back for sure to try some more stuff 😀
We loved each and every drink we ordered, and wanted to try some more but you know, we were full for the day 😛

Anyway, Coming to our overall rating, We will give it 4/5. If you happen to visit this place anytime in future then do try out the things we did. 🙂

Stay tuned for more reviews.