Trending Foodies has partnered with Campus Xplore as Food Walk partner, held on 30th Sept.


Campus Xplore, An astounding never-ever-heard-of DU experience brought to you by #Markitiers, Co-Hosted by #DelhiKaravan and #MyTravelDiaryBlog

“yaar tumhare sare colleges itti door door,  phir wo kis baat ka campus”

“humare north campus ki fests far better hai.  ok?”

 “jo bhi kaho north campus ki baat hi alag hai.”

  “12th main 5% aur le aata to waha se yaha hota”

    “apne south ko humare north campus se compare karne ka sochio bhi mat.”

I can easily catch the 70 mm grin on the face of North Campus Students and a mean scowl at the same time on those of South Campus students!

#Markitiers and #My Travel Diary Blog are all set to host one of the biggest Campus Explore walks which will be a culmination of photowalks, college walks and food walks in and around the North Campus of Delhi University!


The whole idea is to explore the campus and not just click pictures but to meet like minded people and understand a different perspective to campus.

An exploration drive through one of the largest youth hubs in the country!

Sounds thrilling, right!

A booming call for everyone out there, in and outside Delhi University. To the backbenchers, to the first row nerds, to the guest-appearances, to the squeaky girls, to the much in love couple, to the ones hogging into the canteen or to those photographing at the ridge.

Come join us in this not-to-miss joyride or rather a joywalk across your very own DU colleges.


The actual crowd-captivator!

The theme around which Campus Xplore is surrounding is, “Heroes of the Campus”!!

Do you know someone from around your College who smiles at you everyday or feeds a dog? Or makes the best Maggi and saves you from hunger? Or someone who helps you in class or a very cool professor?


A Campus Hero could be anyone, be it a peon, a maid, a chai-wala, a guard or just anybody who makes the college a better place for all of us and our life there all the more exciting!

Think of it as a way of paying them gratitude for all the selfless jobs they have done for you!

It’s all about discovering your Hero!

The following is the schedule for the event.
Phase 1 – Leaves to Bricks
When : 9:30 am.
Meeting Point : Gate No. 1 Kamla Nehru Ridge

Phase 2 – Tales from HRC
When : 12:00 noon
Meeting Point : Lover’s Point, Hansraj College

Phase 3 – Campus Food Trail
When : 1:30 pm
Meeting point- Main gate,Hansraj College

Fill up the Google Form :


Have you drooled at Instagram posts and tumblr pictures! Have you ever wondered how bloggers work? Giving you a firsthand experience at CampusXplore! We are cohosting this DUWalk with #MyTravelDiaryBlog and willing to make you an Explorer! Build your own Instagram social story with us!


After all, you can’t know DU inside out till you get the history attached to it, this time through endless photography!



The North Campus foodies are always like “humare pass tom uncle ki maggie hai.  tumhare pass kya hai?  hein!


For all the foodies out there, we have a lot in store for you too. We have partnered with Campus Xplore, being organised by Marketiers as Food Walk Partner and we will be showing you guys some amazing food at kamla nagar. Need to register? Check out the link to register below.



There is supposed to be a lip-smacking foodwalk from Kamla Nagar (North Campus, DU itself) where we’ll go to the best locals spots for appetizing indulgences. This way, we’ll get to explore local and affordable eating options, plus it’ll help us to bring together people with diverse fields of interests and ideas!

That calls for an amazing conversation and a whole lot of ganging stuff!

Can you feel your taste buds dancing?

Even I can’t resist. After all Dilli waale hain hum!


We love this campus as much as you do, and like you, we are explorers by nature… So join us as we lead trails covering food, people, places and more. And in case we miss out on any of your favourites, drop in your suggestions.


Already excited? Fill in the registration form here and get geared up