Typhoo Tea hosted a wellness session with Bangalore’s Fitness Queen Wanitha Ashok


Typhoo, the iconic British tea brand known for its assortment of high quality specialty teas, caffeine free fruit infusions and organic range, held a special wellness sessionon Wednesday, 24th August at The Parkfocusing on ‘Health benefits of tea’ in collaboration with city’s own fitness expert, youth icon and Socio-Environment activist, Wanitha Ashok.

Wanitha Ashok at the Typhoo Wellness session held in Bangalore
Wanitha Ashok

Typhoo India
hosted well-known socialites from Bangalore over a Hi-tea, where the fitness expert took them through a highly engaging and interactive session on advantages and health benefits oftea. During the talk, Wanitha unfolded many interesting facts and fitness benefits of drinking tea and later performed interesting exercises and workout regime with attendees. Being an environment activist herself, she spoke in length about Typhoo’s contributing to a sustainable environment with their globally certified Rainforest Alliance teas. Typhoo is the first brand to have launched the first globally certified environmentally sustainable teas to be marketed across India.

Typhoo through its various initiatives aims at making more and more people aware how tea consumption can help in maintaining one’s overall fitness level. During this talk, fitness queen, Wanitha Ashok discussed some eye opening facts about tea like:

  • Presence of antioxidants in tea can helps in flushing out impurities from the body, resulting in a healthier body.
  • Helps in losing weight and reducing the effect of aging.
  • Tea drinking reduces the risk of cancer and other cardiovascular diseases and prevents stroke.
  • Helps in soothing the digestive system
Wanitha Ashok with her friends doing a small exercise routine
Wanitha Ashok with her friends doing a small exercise routine

She elaborated about goodness of Typhoo Traditional Tulsi Green tea (with 100% real tulsi leaves), Typhoo Moroccan Mint Green Tea (with 100% real spearmint leaves), Typhoo Masala Green Tea (with real Indian spices), Typhoo Chamomile Organic (caffeine free, made from organically grown pure chamomile flowers), Typhoo Peppermint Organic (caffeine free, made from organically grown pure peppermint leaves) and Gold Black Tea (finest tea being rainforest alliance certified).

In addition to the benefits that one gains by drinking tea, Wanitha Ashok also demystified various myths associated with tea drinking along with information on how much tea should one consume per day.

Commented on the occasion-Mr. Subrata Mukherji, Business Head of Typhoo India said- “We are delighted to be associated with Bangalore’s very own fitness icon- Wanitha Ashok. We, at Typhoo India, firmly believe in popularising the wellness and goodness quotient of green teas and organic teas. It is our constant endeavour to keep evolving and making tea drinking into a strong healthy experience for our patrons. Typhoo has over 25 variants of finest teas and infusions to choose from for every occasion and moment. And we feel Bangaloreans are one of the highest spirited people in terms of fitness. “