Premium Craft Beer, White Rhino launches in Gurgaon


Himalayan Ales Private Limited is delighted to announce the launch of its Craft Beer, White Rhino. The brand will enter the market at Gurgaon’s most exclusive outlets.  This will be followed by the introduction of the brand in Delhi, Goa and Chandigarh over the next few months and in Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru during the course of 2017.  This premium beer will be available on tap as well as in bottles.

The first two variants of White Rhino to be introduced into the market are a Munich-style Lager and a Belgian Wheat Beer.  However, other beer styles are also in the pipeline.


Brewed in classic Belgian tradition, White Rhino’s wheat beer or Wit is designed to be complex, refreshing and eminently drinkable. Its flavour profile is almost entirely defined by its low bitterness, aromatic spice blends and distinctive yeast strain. This unique offering combines the best of both worlds – authentic Curacao orange peel from Europe along with the finest Indian coriander.

The Lager variant of White Rhino is heavily inspired by German traditions and has been brewed in the style of a Munich Helles lager.  This clean and deceptively simple beer focuses on the pure flavour of malt and water in perfect harmony with just the right amount of “noble” hops. Over one month of lagering (storage at -1 degrees celsius) gives this beer its characteristic smoothness.


The founder and director of White Rhino Brewing Co, Ishaan Puri, has always had a keen interest in brewing and brewery technology.  After conceiving the idea for White Rhino he realised that to make great beer, he needed to learn about the brewing process himself.  With this in mind, he earned a Diploma in Brewing Technology from the UK, which further strengthened his knowledge of beer and brewing.  Ishaan has visited and interacted intensively with a wide variety of breweries in the UK and USA while developing his plans for the brewery in India.

Ishaan says, “We are proud to launch White Rhino, India’s very own Craft Beer.  We wanted to make beer for India that would stand up to an international standard.  This necessitated sourcing equipment, ingredients and personnel from far-flung corners of the world.  It has cost us more in time, effort and capital, but it’s the only way we could stand behind our beers wholeheartedly.”

Head Brewer, James Garstang, comes from London, where he has worked for some of the UK’s best craft breweries.  He spent his formative years at Camden Town Brewery and then worked for Partizan Brewing and The Kernel before relocating to India to join the White Rhino team.

James adds “Joining this completely unique start up was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. Interest in craft beer is growing and people are increasingly dissatisfied with mass produced products. We’re here to raise the bar by producing beers that stand up to any global brand and make India truly proud of its breweries. Our team is unfaltering in its dedication to making great beer and I’m excited for what our future holds”

Combining international standards with expertise and dedication, White Rhino is poised to be the leading craft beer made in India.